I got back the netbook after 3 weeks… Well, that just shows how inconsistent their service is. Hi, I have a problem with my net book. Tech Specs Intel Atom D 1. Show posts by this member only Post 9. Hi Mr John, I forgot my windows password then how should I to reset the password?

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I know what difference about RAM. Jun 5 How about this 2GB? Anyone out there got any idea whats the recovery button is?? But if you reinstall a new Win 7 copy, it will void the OEM license of the old installed copy.


Yeah, you guess it right, the HDD is another almighty China clone product. I know where I’m. Now, the bad thing of this netbook. Ya one thing that i noticed in these netbooks are them live camera picture quality and battery backup is awesome.

Hence, most of the PC makers out there stop introducing new netbook models. A laptop is a mobile computer which integrates all the basic input and output into a single unit. It makes hollow sound when you ntebook the power brick. Google, apparently it happens on other units as well. Imagine when you want use the copy, cut, paste shortcut function which you would accidentally press on FN key instead of CTRL key.


Even Dell is retracting from the netbook market. The label says windows 7. May 14 Just remember 1malajsia buy the 2. I tried several times, but negbook cannot install due to not enough memory. Can input this to this notebook? DDR2 have 4GB stick but depends on which netbook model you got, some can support max 2GB you have to check the chipset of the netbook, whether it supports 4GB stick or not.

You have no idea what are those hardware installed in the netbook unless you use certain tools like CPUID or equivalent. As I mentioned above, my review unit is Great Wall SW-I, and do keep netbok mind that 1 Malaysia Netbook program source the netbooks from different computer manufacturers, such as Asus and Samsung.

Welcome Guest Log In Register. Else you can bring your power adapter to any electrical shop to ask if they sell compatible type metbook adaptor.

Show posts by this member only Post 3. Switch the HDD with a decent 2. Or is it free from the Government?


Not all driver is loaded win win 7. I’ve found that it has a recovery partition but I don’t know what will that button be?

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If can warranty, can i know where can i go for warranty? The layout used is Americanized-ISO layout. The netbook — the back cover is printed with a humongous 1 Malaysia logo at the center and Great Wall logo at the corner. From the photo, clearly that the touch area shares the same piece of plastic as the netbook body.

So do you have another method to reset it. I want my laptop is recover changing. BTW admin, im totally agree with you regarding this notebook.