When you buy scan tools from ScanTool. OBD accessories for Audi. OBD Accessories for Jaguar. OBD accessories for Mazda. It is very robust, made of high quality PCB material, has solder mask, and a detailed component legend. June 13, ,

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OBD accessories for Chrysler. OBD accessories for Citroen.

ELMScan 5 (RS) – MultiNorm Diagnostic Interface – KDS OnlineShop

OBD accessories for Opel. OBD accessories for Fiat. I like it that much that I am thinking about upgrading til the ElmScan 5. Special 1 string allows unique identifiers for larger Customers.

Reviews Add to Wish List. September 16, OBD accessories for Mitsubishi. During the checkout process even before the completion of the order you are shown the actual cost. OBD accessories for Skoda.


December 24,is In fact, you don’t even need a schematic to build the interface: OBD accessories for Peugeot. It is now a background task so it doesn’t interfere with OBD receives, it has a large data buffer to allow for fluctuations in the OBD data, and it offers a second baud rate In addition to the protocols, we think that you will also enjoy some of the enhancements.


This item is no longer in production. ElmScan ISO printed circuit board provides an easy way for you to build a scan tool from scratch. Buffer Dump command displays OBD messages as sent or received.

This article is not available any longer! OBD accessories for Audi. OBD Accessories for Toyota.

OBD accessories for GM. Risk-freehassle-free day unconditional money back guarantee. Elmzcan Add Your Tags: JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. OBD Accessories for Ford. OBD accessories for Honda.

Designed to replace the popular ElmScan ISO, rlmscan scan tool is smaller, lighter, and more stylish than its predecessor. If it fails, we will promptly repair or replace it free of charge. OBD accessories for Porsche.

ElmScan ISO 9141/14230

OBD accessories for Daewoo. Best warranty in the industry. OBD accessories for Citroen. Home Help Search Login Register. Newbie by Shawnf ScanTool.